• Confettiware, 2017.

    Confettiware, 2017.


    Earthenware, Terra sigillata, glaze, Cone 02. 2017.



    20" x 23"



    I make vessels in relative proportion to a torso. Working in the scale of a human body creates a visceral connection between the pot and the viewer.

    Part of this relies on the archetypal nature of the forms - familiar, ingrained in our collective conscience, and often unnoticed on the perimeter of our daily lives. They are approachable. Their surfaces are very much a record of their creation. They exist somewhere between the Silk Road and the New York City Subway System.

    Their sheer volume functions to command the space around them. Swollen and pregnant, they call back to the oldest of metaphors; the body as a vessel.

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  • Confettiware, 2017.
  • Confettiware, 2017.
  • Confettiware, 2017.